D.A.R.T. Members Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice on 9/11/01:


LT. David J. Fontana, SQ-1

FM. Vincent D. Kane, Engine-22

LT. Thomas R. Kelly, Ladder-105

FF. Gregory Saucedo, Ladder-5

FF. Gerard Schrang, Rescue-3


D.A.R.T Retired Members We Have Lost:

April 14, 2014: Retired Firefighter Luis Fragoso, Ladder 53, D.A.R.T Chairman 

October 11, 2013: Retired Firefighter Michael Mondello, Ladder 41 

 March 18, 2013: Retired Firefighter Joseph Riccardi, Engine 257

Feburary 16, 2012: Retired Firefighter Roger J. Huml “Yummy”, Ladder 144